Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Goodbye Scotland, now in the US of A

I'm back...actually I've been back for almost two weeks now. I got the internship/job with enterprise rent-a-car for the summer. I like to think that this is a somewhat impressive feat considering the state of the economy and that I did most of the interviewing via phone in Scotland (a shout out of thanks to Amy who recruited me) . So far I've been learning a lot on the job and I'm so thankful that its hands on and never dull.
The day I left Scott and Janelle helped me drag all 100 something pounds of luggage to the Buchanan bus stop where we caught a bus to Edinburgh. Then I somehow managed to get it all onto another bus and single handedly dragged all the luggage from where that bus ended into the airport.
I really only experienced a little culture shock on the way back into the USA, the most notable symptoms were a sudden realization of how fat we are as a nation and I felt a strange slight intimidation, but that might just have been because I flew through New York (JFK). Although I still scored an entire row for myself on the flight over the Atlantic it was not nearly as fun as the trip there...I guess I was one of the first college students done in the UK so the plane consisted mostly of families. I'll also admit that on the plane I watched 'Marley and Me' and nearly teared up, mostly because I was leaving Scotland and lots of awesome people behind, but also because the movie was pretty sad.
Friday I took my value theories final in Clemson (shout out to Sallie for being awesome, letting me take the exam here, and helping make the whole Scotland adventure happen. While I'm thanking people I also need to thank my parents and Grandmom for assisting in funding this adventure.) Anyway, the exam went alright but I still won't know any grades till July which has potential to destroy me scholarship wise.
One of the things that I missed most about the states was driving and I'm so glad to have the freedom of going anywhere I want back. This weekend for example I drove down to the beach Saturday morning and came back Sunday night (I made a huge sand octopus that I was very proud of). It is also ironic and I seem to have overcompensated because my new job has me driving all kinds of vehicles all over the place.
Another weird feeling is that it seems nothing has changed, maybe it is due to keeping up with friends on facebook and skype, but it seemed strangely easy to step right back into my life, which makes me wonder if the whole experience has changed me at all.

The classes required Videos are being compiled and will be coming soon...stay tuned

Also Julien made an excellent video for those who hung out with people from or lived in 13c

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