Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Almost go time

A quick note...Tonight was (as most Wednesdays are) international pub night and also the Scotland v. Iceland World Cup competition (soccer). Scotland pulled off a win sometime shortly before I got to the pub. The atmosphere was amazing. Everyone was in blue, with a gentle speckling of red rampart lions on the traditional yellow background and most were engaged in singing wonderful Scottish songs ...the whole place was filled with the essence of victory. To be honest it felt better than Clemson beating USC at American football...which always feels really really good.

The main topic: So for the last two months Scott and I have been planning our spring break (April 3rd-19th). We have flights, train passes, hostel reservations, bus tickets and most things we want to see/do planned out. Basically we are aggressively touring Europe. The plan is to go strait from class to the airport...see Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Munich, Interlaken (Switzerland), Geneva, Nice (French Riviera), Florence, Pisa, Rome (3+ days), Venice, then fly to London (we'll have most of a day to tour London), at that point we'll have to take the dreaded 8 hour long midnight bus to Glasgow at the end of which we'll wake up and go to class Monday morning. I for one am really looking forward to this super crazy adventure. We've already decided that unless we get pick pocketed and lose everything it'll be hard to have a bad time. I tell you all this because I just realized that I probably won't get a chance to blog again until the trip is underway (some hostels have Internet) or over. Anyway, it should be a fantastic learning experience at the very least and thankfully it's all trains and hostels so we shouldn't be in need of my father to come rescue us because our feet (or many other body areas) are blistered and bleeding to profusely to continue (a reference a few of my best backpacking buddies will understand).

I've never been a fan of praying for traveling safety, but if you are concerned feel free to pray that God's will is done and that he will use every moment to develop us into what he desires us to be. I love (or at least like enough to put up with) all of you and I hope to have a blast wisely and have some stories to tell.

It's almost go time...into the world I have yet to experience (gee that's almost scary).


  1. Your travel plans are crazy exciting!!! I'm sure you'll be able to pull it off flawlessly, though.

    I'll be in Paris and Florence this week, too! I reallllllly wish I could make it to Amsterdam and Brussels, but I may have to save that for future Euro-adventuring. :)

    Hope you're having loads of fun!!!!

  2. Sounds exciting - should be a treasure trove of opportunities for engagement (and producing materials for sharing your experiences.)