Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So there is a world of stress coming into the home stretch here at Strathclyde. Every class grade comes down to my last exam in the class. Which means playtime is slowing disappearing into study time. This is my last week of class then I get pummeled by exams on the 11th 13th 14th and unfortunaly the 29th of May. Recently (we don't remember where or who) Scott and I picked up on the best phrase yet for saying "I need to go to the bathroom". The phrase is "I need to go drain the tatties" (as in potatoes) and it has been a point of laughter this week. I think this ranks right up there with "drown some ants" and "see a man about a horse". Anyway, I don't have to much else to share at the moment (been spending most of my time working on a project with Scott for Treasure Managment, looking for a summer job, or just lollygaging around the internet playing games)...I'm sorry, but hopefully there will be more engaging stories to share as this week continues.

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  1. I was there when you learned that phrase, I think it was Belgium, but i'm not sure...It had to be one of four countries :)