Sunday, April 12, 2009


So Geneva has been a disappointment. Everyone here speaks French, and very few speak English (yet American pop music is still playing everywhere). It took us several tries before we found a place we felt comfortable ordering food. Everything seems to cost more in Switzerland in general. There is wifi (internet) in the hostel…if you pay for it.
Scott and I reserved a high speed train ride yesterday for today. We have to go through French customs. This is very unfortunate because I already have a French stamp in my passport. I will return to Scotland with only the Ireland, UK, and France stamps in my passport (and I’ll have visited 7 different countries by then).
One interesting event from today came out of a recommendation (by our lunch server) for a chocolate shop. We entered what was a big grocery store with a huge mob of people filing it (picture taken in the sotre...some lady wagged her finger at me for it). The store had marked down all its chocolate. We witnessed one lady filling two shopping carts to the brim with chocolate bunnies. We figured it must be a deal so I grabbed a milk chocolate one and Scott grabbed two dark chocolates before the lady had cleared the shelves entirely of them. We got to the cash register to find that the 9 inch tall 6 inch wide bunnies were only 1.60 Swiss Francs each (that’s like $1.30). I’m down to the torso on mine, and like the Chocolate Show guy said yesterday after squeezing apart a chocolate bunny …”it’s ok to eat, look!, no bones”.
I think Scott and I would have been much happier if the hostel had free internet. We got here to Geneva with no real plans and although some of the walking around was very beautiful we’ve found (like on local said) most of the people to be very introverted (maybe it’s a rich thing).
So this morning is Easter Sunday. Scott and I had found (online) a local church that spoke English and we were off to find it. Unfortunately, it was 6 kilometers away and when we got to the bus stop (we needed the F bus) their website recommended taking we found that the next F bus didn’t come for 51 minutes and that it was going the wrong direction. We searched around for another bus stop in case there was another F bus going the right direction. We found nothing and thus have resorted to sitting in Starbucks were we finally found internet. Hopefully we can stream some home church services tonight when we reach Nice (this of course depends on the hostel having internet).

It’s Easter, He is Risen!

Side note* Two days ago Mark(Nebrasca) called me from Norway. He was alone in the woods and couldn't find Mike(LSU) whom he had been hiking with. He had been alone in the woods at that point for two hours. He was obviously concerned. I got a text a few hours later from him saying to call him and that it was an emergancy. I couldn't get through. Yesterday we found out that mike and fallen down the side of a hill, then fallen some 40 feet but that it was broken by a tree so he was alright, except he was on the edge of a cliff, he couldn't climb up and the only other way out was to fall even more from an even more perilous height. So Mike called the emergancy number from the side of the cliff (always a good thing to know in a foriegn country as its not always 911). He then used his camera flash to alert the Mountain rescue to his location and was airlifted off the side of the cliff face by a man dangeling from a helicopter. That is the story as I understand it and I can't wait to get back and hear the intricate details and see pictures. *End side note.

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