Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Today I went to Stirling for a job interview. I finally saw the inside of the Wallace monument and his sword...unfortunately the only proof is on Kelsey's camera (she came along to see Stirling) as I forgot my camera. This week I have tried to study...ended up organizing everything and then totally lost motivation. However, today Scott showed me his study tactics (note cards) and I'm copying his strategy and planning on spending all day tomorrow in the library. ...hopefully actually being productive.
Yesterday was Cinco day one here celebrates, the restaurant we went to that evening was almost totally empty and Colleen had to explain to the Mexican restaurant workers that it was a holiday.
In other news I have not yet (to my knowledge) contracted swine flu, my fake stock portfolio is doing rather well (up 30% since December) I'm not ready to pay high taxes or suffer high inflation and I'm still looking for a summer job...(I guess that kind of negates my taxes statement).
Speaking of swing flu...Jim (study abroad coordinator) told this joke tonight (pub night)...he was on at least his 2nd beer at the time ...which made it much funnier. "a pig was running down the streets of Glasgow being chased by a hunter...the pig turns the corner of high street then stands up...the hunter turns the corner...points the gun around and asks the pig if it has seen a pig come running by" ......(end of joke) Sorry ...It might only be funny to a Glaswegian ...and that's probably because they spend a good chunk of their time has been witnessed on more than one occasion that a Scottish man will order a beer with breakfast.
That is all for now, I'm going to bed so goodnight all, I hope your days are blessed!

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